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Serving the Willamette Valley for over 40 years.

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We service all types of cylinders, pumps, and motors.
The largest seal selection in the Valley.
Air Tool service and repair.
24-Hour Emergency Service Available.

A/C Recharging Service
  • Recharging with additional refrigerant to bring pressure up to spec
  • Introduction of fluorescent dye to visually reveal system leaks​
Additional A/C Service's
  • System fan level check
  • ​Annual Inspections/Performance Checks
  • System PSI pressure reading to verify refrigerant levels
  • Measuring output temperature
  • Blower fan and compressor examination to ensure proper operation
  • Belts and hoses inspection, replacement, and custom solutions
  • Diagnosing faulty switches, fuses, wiring, the condenser, or internal compressor seal failure
  • Recharging Your Agricultural Air Conditioning
Custom Hydraulic Hoses

Have a speciality hose or fitting?  No problem!  Call us for more information.

From standard 3,000 PSI soft line to exotic twin hose non-conductive lines and even hard lines!

​ We custom make hoses on site! We are a proud distributor of “Parker” hydraulic hoses and fittings with many common styles and sizes in stock!

Dump Bed Hoist Installation
We are ready to install your hoist.  Call us for more information.
Hydraulic Filter Cart
  • A portable unit that can transfer hydraulic fluid from one container/machine into another. Our carts can pump oil through a hydraulic filter.
  • A portable off-line filtration system that includes a dual filter system including a suction filter consisting of a 141 micron “trash filter” and a pressure filter with an Absolute Ratio of 10 micron (with extended length elements available) and a clogging indicator. Optional 3 & 5 micron elements, or a water removal element (up to .25 qts) are also available.
  • A system that includes a 1/3HP, 110 volt single phase motor.
  • A reliable 10 GPM hydraulic self-priming pump to move the oil where you need it using the two 7′ long suction and delivery hoses.
  • Operating ranges: Temperature from 50-140F. Pressure to 90 PSI. Viscosity of 100-1000 SUSType your paragraph here.
Hydraulic Component Testing

Our Test Bench is ready to test hydraulic & pneumatic components.

​Let us make sure your equipment is performing at it’s best!

We can test valves, motors, cylinders, and more!

Knife Roll Repair

Are your Knife Rolls delivering substandard performance?  Let us get you back to harvesting!  Our pioneering method of repairing, sharpening, and chroming results in straighter and stronger than factory produced Knife Rolls.

We may be able to breathe new life into your equipment at a cost near half of new Knife Rolls.

Bring in your Knife Rolls for an evaluation TODAY!

Machining Services

Have a bent or broken rod in a hydraulic cylinder?

Need custom fabrication on your tractor or picker?

Let’s Do It!

Pump Drive Rebuilding
We specialize in rebuilding pump drive gear boxes. We keep many parts in stock to maintain a fast turn around time.  Which is especially vital during harvest season!
Pump Drive Testing

Our rigorous test procedures require that every rebuilt pump be tested for volumetric efficiency, external leakage, and sound levels.  Your rebuilt components undergo cyclic endurance tests before receiving our stamp of approval.  Our dedication to quality workmanship ensures all components meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Our 50HP Military-Grade Test Stand is ready for anything!  A small displacement vane pump or a variable displacement hydrostatic pump up to 124.8lbs.

Our Test Bench will spin it no problem!

Transmission Repair

​Do you have a Funk or Terrell/Durst Transmission?

We specialize in repairing Funk and Terrell/Durst Transmissions. We work closely with manufactures to source parts.  We can also have parts custom build and heat treated.

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